Shpank's musical career began in 2001 while working at a small independent record store. He loved dance music and was in charge of the remix singles and vinyl. Local DJs would come in and ask for him because he was always on top of all the latest releases. He always knew exactly what was in stock and where it was.

One DJ in particular began to advise Shpank (before he was Shpank!) to become a DJ. Early that summer, with savings from his job at the record shop as well as some birthday money, he bought his very first piece of DJ gear: a Radio Shack mixer. Soon after, his aunt Maureen gave him his first DJ gig- a party at a local banquet hall for his cousin's sweet sixteen party.

In October of 2001 Shpank got his first chance to DJ at a club- a local nightspot called the Grotto. This was very exciting for him as it was his favorite hangout and the gig was arranged for him by his favorite DJ. The night was extremely successful, and there was a lot of good buzz about his music. Unfortunately, the Grotto was closing, so that night did not pan out as a regular gig. The next few years, however, brought with them several jobs, including residencies all over cities in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Each venue saw a noticeable increase in crowd size on Shpank's regular nights, and each new employer found Shpank highly recommended by the previous one.

2006 brought much excitement into Shpank's career. That March he landed a residence at Diva's Nightclub, one of the biggest dance clubs in Western Massachusetts, working in his own room of the club every Saturday. The In Newsweekly newspaper featured him in two issues, including a full color cover, promoting the night.

After a year of the successful run at Diva's, Shpank decided it was time to further his education in the studio, and applied to Full Sail University, one of the top five schools in recording arts field. His application was accepted and off he went to Florida.

While living in Florida, Shpank saw the first commercial release of one of his remixes. People were starting to take notice of his work, and music videos re-edited to match his music began to surface on websites like YouTube and MySpace. In May of 2008, Shpank graduated from Full Sail with honors and moved back up to Massachusetts.

That summer, Shpank began remixing professionally, and won several remix contests for 90's super-pop group Ace of Base. Those contests garnered international attention, and even more remix and DJ gigs began to flood in. 2009 brought a steady flow of remix work, a brush with the Billboard club chart, and a gig at Boston Pride's Stuart Street Block Party. This stream of exciting work continued into 2010, including the opportunity to do a remix of Ace of Base's comeback single, "All For You", which, when completed, was given airtime on FM radio!

Now, in 2011, Shpank is poised not only to take the dance world by storm, but to resurrect it!