January 9, 2017

New website coming soon!

May 31, 2015

DJ Shpank is set to release his debut single, "Walk Like An Egyptian", this June!

This release is a collaboration between DJ Shpank (producing, recording, mixing) and several extremely talented vocalists!

DJ Shpank feat. Victoria Ladd & Erica Romeo

"Walk Like An Egyptian"

Victoria Ladd on lead pop vocals
Erica Romeo on opera vocals
Tony B. Romeo on male "way-o" vocals
DJ Shpank on whistling, whispers, and backup vocals
Miranda McKenna on backup vocals

The release will include a remix from the marvelously talented Matt Pop. Matt has created a brilliant high energy, 80's-infused club remix that will have you all DANCING like Egyptians!

The entire single was mastered by Mike Ross at Shpank Studios in Surpise, AZ.

So dust off those golden dancing sandals and throw on your best linen sarong. The time has come to WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN!

January 14, 2014

Happy 2014!

Make sure and check out the teaser clip of my "I Will Survive" remix! I was very excited about the special introduction Gloria Gaynor recorded for it!

DJ Shpank hits the Billboard charts yet again, peaking at #5 with his remix of "Feva", by Ranny feat. Deepa Soul! Make sure to check this out on iTunes. It was exciting to work on such a fabulous song for a good friend. Ranny challenged me to do something different on this record. He wanted a funky, disco-infused summer vibe, and that's what he got! I hope you like this as much as I do!

November 21, 2013

This Thanksgiving I certainly have something to be thankful for. Perhaps I should say, "I'm Grateful"!

This coming Monday, November 28th, will mark the release of the most exciting official remix of my career. My remix of Gloria Gaynor's Grammy-winning disco anthem, "I Will Survive" will be included on her upcoming gospel album, which is aptly titled "We Will Survive".

It has been an honor to work on an update for this timeless classic! Make sure and download "I Will Survive" (Shpank's Pink Ribbon Radio Mix) and "I Will Survive" (Shpank's Pink Ribbon Club Mix) from Amazon. You can order the full CD from Amazon as well (Note that only my radio edit is included on the physical CD.).

Keep an eye out this weekend for a sneak preview of this exciting new remix!

July 1, 2013

Hello all! It's been a while, and there is lots of exciting news on the Shpank front!

First, some very exciting news- I've teamed up with the extremely talented Boston-based DJ Ranny for several upcoming productions! For our first project, we created a fresh new production for Robin S.' classic 90's hit, "Show Me Love"! The mix is fantastic! Make sure to come out and dance when you see that we're spinning- chances are we'll have you dancing along to Robin!

Before teaming up with Ranny, I was busy remixing european super group Right Said Fred's new single "Raise Your Hands". This remix has been released on iTunes earlier this year. At the request of the record label, I've also created an extra remix especially for the upcoming radio release. This version is being pushed as the radio airplay version!

The radio edit of my remix for Gloria Gaynor is currently being pushed to Top 40 stations as her new single. Call your favorite radio station and request Gloria Gaynor "All the Man That I Need" (Shpank's Epic Diva Radio Edit) today!

December 13, 2012

I've just completed an official remix for DiSanto's new single, "Animal". It's a really great song, and it was a lot of fun to work on! DiSanto has graciously allowed me to share this remix with the world. Check out the downloads page, and don't forget to check out DiSanto's YouTube page by clicking on the image below!

November 25, 2012

My copy of Promo Only containing my Gloria Gaynor remix has finally arrived! I'm so excited to finally have it on a pressed CD!

In other news, I've entered a remix contest for Christina Aguilera's awesome new song, "Your Body". You can download the remix for free from the downloads page, but please also take a minute to check out the contest submission page and vote for my mix. Voting ends at 5pm eastern time on November 28th, so get those votes in and help me out while you can! Thank you in advance for your support!

November 8, 2012

My remix of Gloria Gaynor's new song "All the Man That I Need" has been doing quite well! The extended version is out for sale on iTunes, Amazon, and other major download retailers.

Shpank's Epic Diva Anthem of "All the Man That I Need" is also being featured on the Promo Only November 2012 Mainstream Club issue. This a DJ Shpank first! As a part of the Promo Only release, my remix will be serviced to DJs, radio stations, and night clubs worldwide!

Last but not least, Promark Music has decided to release Shpank's Epic Diva Radio Edit of "All the Man That I Need" to radio in January 2013!

July 17, 2012

A lot has been going on since my last update!

On the production side of things, I've done official remixes for both Right Said Fred and Gloria Gaynor! Right Said Fred's single, "Sexaholic", is already released. You can find it on iTunes and Amazon, as well as others. Gloria Gaynor's single, "All the Man That I Need", will be released shortly. It looks like the label is trying to make it available on July 20th.

Boston Pride went beautifully. It was an honor to meet Tracy Young and spin alongside her! The Boston Pride Committee loved our sets, and there is already talk of having us both back.

I am now spinning twice a month at Diva's Nightclub in Northampton, MA. One Friday each month will be INDUSTRY, and all-male private dance party. One Saturday a month will be a theme party. The theme will vary from month to month. Check out the Events page for more details!

February 18, 2012

It is with great PRIDE that I announce my third appearance at Boston Pride's Stuart Street Block Party! My set will be twice as long as usual this year- I will be spinning for four hours! Immediately following will be the incomparable Tracy Young! It will be quite an honor to work alongside Tracy, and I'm looking forward to seeing you all turn it out on the dance floor!

I've been working quite hard in the studio on a few upcoming releases that I'm quite excited about. Keep your eyes and ears peeled. I'll reveal more info as soon as I can!

In radio news, I've officially left WildCatFM, and will be pursuing a new venue for online radio shows soon.

September 5, 2011

New episodes of The Shpank Show start this Wednesday, September 7th! This week's show will be the official premiere of Carol Hahn's new single, "Your Love". Other featured artists include Ace of Base, Kristine W, Jackie 'O', and Carly Simon! Whatever you do, don't miss this show! It's going to be a lot of fun!

The following week, September 14th, will be an extra special Shpank Show featuring the Carol Hahn/DJ Shpank library of music. Carol herself will be joining us in the chat to answer all your questions. This is not to be missed!

June 9, 2011

On Wednesday, June 15th, The Shpank Show will be featuring a special guest star: the brilliant remixer/producer Jared Jones! Jared (formerly known as Vibelicious), will be joining us live in the chat while I play a set that includes several of his showstopping remixes! I have been listening to and playing Jared's remixes since before I had even learned how to remix myself. It's an honor to have him on the show, and I hope you are all as excited as I am!

May 29, 2011

This coming Wednesday, June 1st, The Shpank Show will be featuring a special guest star: the wildly talented singer/songwriter Ryan Jordan! Ryan has hired me to remix two of his singles, will be joining us live in the chat while I play a set that includes both of those remixes! There will be a free download giveaway during the show, so make sure you don't miss this one!

May 24, 2011

Wow, it's been five months since I've updated this page! That can only mean one thing: lots of news!!!

First up is The Shpank Show. The Shpank Show is my new radio show at Wildcat FM! A new show airs every Wednesday at 7PM ET. Stop in and check it out! You can chat live with myself, other listeners, and even the occasional special guests! Future shows will include appearances by vocalists and producers I've worked with, including Ryan Jordan Carol Hahn and Jared Jones of Vibelicious! Check out the events page for details as to when each person will be dropping in. If you're not into the chat thing, no problem! Just navigate to the site, turn those speakers up, and walk away from the computer!

You may recall the Ace of Base remix contests I mentioned a while back. Unfortunately, my re-envisioning of "The Sign" didn't win, but I have gotten a lot of positive feedback, and even had the chance to speak with one of the band members. It has been quite a positive experience overall, and I'm looking forward to doing more work with and for Ace of Base in the near future. The new vocalists Clara Hagman and Julia Williamson really take Ace of Base to a new level, and I'm excited to work with more tracks featuring these two phenominal singers!

My remix of "The Sign" is available for free in the downloads section, which you can access by clicking here.

Also, I've made a video to accompany my remix of "The Sign". Check it out, and feel free to leave me a comment on YouTube. I'd love to hear what you think! Please forgive the misspelling of "downloads" at the end of the video. It got so many views so quickly that I couldn't bear to take it down and start the view count all over from scratch!

My sixth remix for Carol Hahn was just released worldwide on both iTunes and Masterbeat! This one is a re-recorded, remixed version of her very first single, "Do Your Best", which was first released in 1980. I hope that my updated club version does justice to this classic track!

Carol also put together a video for my radio edit. Check it out, then run (don't walk) to iTunes and download my mix!

A couple of my remixes for Figjam Records' Abbalicious album have also been released on iTunes and other digital download platforms. "Voulez-Vous", performed by Sade Pendarvis, is really picking up steam! My mix is getting such a strong response that the label is having other remixes done and they are planning a full-scale release to radio stations!

This makes a grand total of no less than 22 Shpank remixes on iTunes. Just head over and search "Shpank"!

DECEMBER 20, 2010

Happy Holidays!

There is so much going on! Ace of Base has begun holding remix contests again. They are now held at Indaba Music. I've been working on entries for their comeback single, "All For You" as well as their chart-topping classic, "The Sign"! Both entries should be finished up soon.

Once the contest is open for voting, I hope you can help me out by tossing your vote my way. Many of you may remember I had won a few of the Ace of Base remix contests in the past at a website called Koblo. Unfortunately, that website went under and I never received my prizes. Indaba is a much bigger website, with more entrants in their contests, and, hence, stiffer competition! Regardless, I hope my time has finally come!

While we're talking about Ace of Base, I should mention that I did do a semi-official mix of "All For You" that was submitted in the late fall. It was submitted to the band well before the Indaba contests began, but I haven't heard anything back from them yet. I don't know whether it will be released or not, but I'm hoping they will find a use for it alongside the 7th Heaven mix in the US and UK territories!

Last Wednesday, December 15th, I was interviewed by DJ Studebaker Hawk on his FM radio show, Macho City. It was a great time, and I'm greatful to Studebaker Hawk as well as to WMUA 91.1FM for the experience! We were on the air for two solid hours, and played no less than twelve Shpank mixes! For the full playlist, check out WMUA's Playlist Page.

During the interview, we dished on the behind-the-scenes details of working with different artists, as well has how certain remix projects come about. We also premiered the first Shpank remix of Ace of Base's "All For You", as well as rough drafts of his remixes for the contests. If you're interested in listening to the show, I've broken it into two mp3's, and edited out any filler content (such as commercials).

DJ Shpank Radio Interview Part 1

DJ Shpank Radio Interview Part 2

December 3rd was the premiere of "Curiosity", the new party at Amherst's Monkey Bar. The night was a great success, and the crowd was awesome! The whole place had a terrific energy, and I can't wait to go back for more. Keep your eyes peeled for the next date, which should be in January. I'll post the details as soon as everything's confirmed!

OCTOBER 29, 2010

Happy Halloween everyone! I've been quiet for a while, because I've been working on some very exciting projects, including Carol Hahn's most recent single, "Let Me Go". Check out this collage video that I threw together for my radio edit:

As always, support the artist and download all the DJ Shpank remixes from iTunes! For those of you without iTunes accounts, the mixes are also available on Amazon and Masterbeat. Be on the lookout for a bunch more DJ Shpank mixes coming out soon!

JULY 18, 2010

Hey all, I have a few things on the burner that I'd like to share with you. Firstly, I'm extremely excited about my latest projects with FigJam Records! They have paired me up with the fabulous operatic soprano Alayne Faraone.

I'll be doing two dance productions with Alayne on the vocals. The first, "Sempre Libra", is an aria from Verdi's "La Traviata", and the second is the old Christmas song "Toyland". Both songs will provide me with new and interesting challenges that I can't wait to tackle! Alayne will be in the recording studio next month. Stay tuned for more updates on these groundbreaking projects!

Currently I'm in the studio wrapping up what will be my fifth Carol Hahn remix release! The song is called "Let Me Go", and it's been one of my favorite Carol Hahn songs for over a year. I'm so glad she's finally going to release it and share this masterpiece with the world!

Boston Pride has gone by, and yet another year went well. I'm looking forward to 2011!

APRIL 23, 2010

On the spur of the moment I decided to enter a remix contest for Róisín Murphy's song, "Momma's Place". It's a really great tune! Despite the fact that I threw it together in a very short time, it's one of my favorite remixes to date! Check it out at Indaba Music, where you can listen to it for free, and throw a vote my way! Thanks!

In other exciting news, I'll be spinning at Diva's Nightclub in Northampton, MA, on Friday, May 14th. I'll be spinning my usual uplifting vocal dance music, including classic dance favorites, current chart toppers, and a smattering of my own remix work. The best part is, 21+ gets in for free before 10! I hope to see you all there!

MARCH 28, 2010

The Shpank remixes of Ryan Jordan's "For A Little While" have been released on Amazon & iTunes. Check them out! Also, because he's awesome, Ryan is making the radio edit of my remix available for free. Click here to download "For A Little While" (Shpank's Bounce House Radio Mix).

FEBRUARY 5, 2010

There are so many exciting things going on right now!

Firstly, I'm working on a few remixes for American Idol Nick Mitchell. Nick's character, Normund Gentle, made him famous on the 2008 season of American Idol. His incredible one-liners combined with the irreverent backtalk he gave Simon made him an instant favorite. It's incredibly exciting for me to be a part of this project!

Normund's upcoming single is called "Bitch Slap (A Tribute To Simon Cowell)". It's a fun song with some great rock vocals, and I think people will really enjoy it! It's definitely going to be something the dance world hasn't heard before!

Nelson Clemente's single, "90 Days" was released on iTunes and Shpank's Summer Anthem Radio Edit is featured as the third track.

Nelson submitted his name to Microsoft for consideration in their "Playlist 7" promotion on Reverb Nation. Microsoft chose him, and selected the Shpank remix of "90 Days" to showcase!

"90 Days (Shpank's Summer Anthem)" has become by far the most downloaded song on the playlist, and it is available for free download at Reverb Nation. They've put up my extended mix, which is not available anywhere else! Only the radio edits were included on the single release. It will only be available for a limited time, so click here to download your free copy while you still can!

The Shpank mix of Carol Hahn's "Into the Night" has also been doing really well! It's been getting airplay in New York City as well as the UK! It's now available on iTunes.

My remixes for Ryan Jordan's new song, "For A Little While" have been completed, and we can look forward to a release sometime in the near future!

Ryan is a wonderfully talented singer and songwriter, and I'm constantly excited to see where his work will take him. This particular song is a favorite of mine; the mix is fun, modern, and energetic. He wanted me to "GaGa him", and he got it!

RuPaul's single, "Main Event", which will be featuring two Shpank remixes, was pushed back until this month. I was actually very excited about this, because season two of RuPaul's Drag Race premiered this month. A release now will get more attention, and very likely more buzz in the press. Let's hope we see it surfacing soon!

Little Italy aka L.I. recently released her album, "I Am Unstoppable". "Put On Some Music (Shpank's Bounce House Radio Mix)" is the second track! It's available on iTunes as well as direct from her website.

There are now eight Shpank remixes available on iTunes! Make sure and download them all!

DECEMBER 8, 2009

OK, this is it! December is here, and it's a big month- for more than just the usual reasons!

My remix of Carol Hahn's "Into the Night" has been released worldwide both promotionally and commercially. This hot Carol Hahn classic is available on Amazon, Juno, Masterbeat, and others. It will be coming soon to iTunes as well. Carol has kindly given me permission to post a preview of my mix up on this site! Click on the image below to listen.

This image is not the official single cover- just something I mocked up. The photo was taken by Jenna Medina for Jenna Finn Photography.

RuPaul's CD single "Main Event" is also due out soon. Keep your eyes peeled for this musical masterpiece featuring two entirely different Shpank remixes!

OCTOBER 16, 2009

There is so much to tell!

The biggest piece of news is that I've done two official remixes for RuPaul's fantastic song, "Main Event", and you can look forward to a release around Christmas time! (The above image is not the official single cover, just a graphic that I mocked up for display on this site.)

This release is very exciting to me for several reasons. I've been a big fan of the High Diva of Drag ever since I first heard "Supermodel (You Better Work)". Don't even get me started on the amazing video that went with it!

Be on the lookout for both my "Historic Event" and "ElectroPop" mixes! In the meantime, you can hear the original version as the first track on the most recent RuPaul album, "Champion".

In about a month Carol Hahn will be releasing a really exciting new single- "Into the Night". This is a re-recorded, remixed version of her 80's radio hit. I can't rant and rave enough about Carol's talent, and this particular project is truly a showstopper!

Also exciting is my recent remix for Little Italy aka L.I. Little Italy is an extremely talented young singer who has been featured alongside Jesse McCartney, Kool & the Gang, and many more! She has been on television and radio, and performed at several large-scale venues. You can learn more about her and hear some of her infectious music at her website and MySpace page. You'll find my remix featured on her MySpace player.

AUGUST 5, 2009

I want to send out a long overdue thanks to those who made it out to hear me spin in Boston this past June, as well as the Boston Pride Committee, who made it possible for me to be there. We had a terrific crowd, and it was a real pleasure to meet the other DJ's. I believe a good time was had by all!

I'm really happy to announce that I've recently heard from the Boston Pride Committee, and they are planning on having me back next year!

Below are two pictures of the Stuart Street Block Party, where I was spinning.

Above is a view from inside my booth before we opened.

Here is the party in full swing. You can see my booth far off in the distance!

In remix news, I've recently completed yet another remix for Nelson Clemente. His song "90 Days", which I believe is his best yet, will be released within a few months. Go Nelson!

I've also completed a remix for a new artist called Ryan Jordan. Ryan's new album will include my remix of his song, "People Change". Ryan's music is quite strong, but it's also got a bit of a classic rock vibe. "People Change" was a challenge to remix, but we were all thrilled with the results in the end. It's already started gaining club play, and it hasn't even been released yet!

You can listen to my radio edit of "People Change" at my MySpace page. Also, be sure and check out Ryan and Nelson's Myspace pages!

MAY 18, 2009

DJ Shpank will be opening the Stuart Street Block Party at Boston Pride this year! The Block Party will take place Sunday, June 14th, at noon. Shpank will be spinning from noon to 2pm, so be sure to get there early! All are welcome, but you must be 21+ with a valid I.D. in order to drink. Come celebrate! Entry is free until 2pm.

You can expect to hear a few Pride classics, remixed hits of this year's Boston Pride headliners, current dance hits, as well as a smattering of DJ Shpank's original remixes and productions. This event is not to be missed!

Shpank's latest remixes, "Don't Turn Around 2009", by Ace of Base, are now available on the downloads page. Check 'em out!

Last, but certainly not least, Carol Hahn's single "I Can Stop the Rain" has peaked at #30 on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play chart! How about that! Her next few singles are amazing, and will blow you out of the water! Keep your eyes and ears open for more from Carol!

APRIL 17, 2009

Carol Hahn's current single, "I Can Stop the Rain", has hit Billboard magazine's Hot Dance Club Play chart at #48! This officially makes Shpank a Billoard charting remixer!

The Shpank mixes are currently the top Carol Hahn sellers on iTunes, and I'd like to push them up in the rankings at Perfect Beat as well. If you haven't already purchased them from another site, please help me to climb to the top at Perfect Beat by downloading Shpank's Epic Squall mixes of "I Can Stop the Rain" here. If you don't have a Perfect Beat account, and don't wish to sign up, you can of course purchase the single on iTunes as well. Any and all support is greatly appreciated!

Get ready for a bunch of new remixes coming down the chute, including RuPaul's "Main Event", and Ace of Base's "Don't Turn Around 2009", plus many more!

FEBRUARY 27, 2009

"Wheel of Fortune 2009" (Shpank's High Style Club Mix) has hit radio! An internet based dance music station called Tag Art Music has picked up the track for regular rotation. This is purely based on the programming director hearing it and liking it; no promos were ever sent out by the label. I'm still floored!

Also, the remix contest for Ace of Base's "Happy Nation 2009" has come to a close. This time I got second place, but I'm going to keep pushing forward. I made a video to promote the mix. You can check it out below, or go directly to YouTube for the full size version.

"Lucky Love 2009" has been selected as the song for the next remix contest, and I've already started my work. I hope you all like it! Most likely, I'll have a video for this mix as well.

Also very exciting is that Carol Hahn's current single is climbing the charts at Perfect Beat again! This is only it's second week, it has already made it to the Top Ten! It was also #2 on Masterbeat almost immediately!

FEBRUARY 4, 2009

The "Happy Nation 2009" Remix is done! You can download it here, and please remember to vote for it in the remix contest! If you've already voted in the last contest, it should be easy to just log back in and cast your ballot. If you didn't get a chance to vote last time, I'd really appreciate your help this time! Please sign up to vote here. The contest only runs until February 15, so please get your votes in soon! Thank you!

JANUARY 31, 2009

Hallo Hallo! I hope the new year is treating everybody well! I want to tell you about the goings on with the Ace of Base contest I had entered. First of all, I won first place for my "Wheel of Fortune 2009" remix! Thank you so much to all of those who helped me by voting!

Now they have us plugging away at another one of their re-recorded and redefined classics, "Happy Nation 2009". My remix is almost complete, and will be available for download shortly. I'm really getting into it, and hope you do too! It's a little darker than "Wheel of Fortune 2009" was, and has a stomping, Thunderpuss edge to it. Thunderpuss was my favorite remix team of all time, but unfortunately they (Chris Cox and Barry Harris) went their separate ways back in 2004. There hasn't been anything quite like that sound ever since. I've always longed for Thunderpuss remix of my favorite band, and this remix fills that void (at least as close as it'll get!).

Also, my next official remix release should be coming out this week. Because my remix of Carol Hahn's "Reach Out" turned out to be the most successful remix of her comeback single, she decided to commission me to work on her new project as well. This track is entitled "I Can Stop the Rain", and it's going to be on a much bigger scale than "Reach Out". Other remixers that will be featured on the new single include the Klubjumpers and one of my favorites, Lenny B! This one will be pushed to Billboard Reporting DJ's and sold worldwide. The mix I completed for the single is a bit darker than my usual fare, but it was what Carol wanted, and I think it turned out great! I hope everyone loves it as much as I do!

Last, but certainly not least, is some very exciting news! My very first release charted! "Reach Out/Come Be My Lover (pt. 2)" peaked at #2 on the "Top 10 Titles" chart at Perfect Beat (the online shop where the single is for sale). The DJ Shpank remix specifically gained the highest chart positions for individual downloads, and kept the single going strong for many months!

DECEMBER 24, 2008

I've just recently completed a dance remix of Ace of Base's comeback single, "Wheel of Fortune 2009".

Those of you who had their first album ("The Sign" in the U.S., and "Happy Nation" in Europe) might remember Wheel of Fortune from back then. The new version is completely re-recorded, in a new key, with a slightly different rhythm, and sped up with a very modern electro/club feel. My interpretation is a little lighter and faster, with a nice euro/big room feel. I've been given permission to put the mix up on this website for download!

Now here's the thing about the mix- It's for a remix contest that Ace of Base is holding. You may not know this, but Ace of Base's music is my all-time favorite. They are the group that got me interested in music in the first place (both listening and creating). This contest is a huge opportunity for me to get the attention of those who I both enjoy and respect most in the music industry.

Please help me out by visiting, joining (you'll have to create an account), and voting for both my extended and radio edit of the remix. This may sound like a bit much at first, but it would really help me out, and I would appreciate your help more than I can tell you! Ace of Base is affiliated with this particular website, and have already announced that there will be future remix contests for some of their other songs. Once you've created your free Koblo account, you'll be able to log in quickly and easily when I need your help in the upcoming contests. Also, when you join you can uncheck the subscribe to mailings button, so you shouldn't get any junkmail.

Learn more about Ace of Base and their upcoming projects here.

Visit my download page to download high quality mp3's of my remix.

DECEMBER 18, 2008

Carol Hahn's single has finally become available for digital download at Perfect Beat. It is slated for future release at Master Beat, Beatport, and iTunes. Please download the Shpank remixes (especially if you haven't already purchased the physical CD single). Legally downloading my mixes will help them to climb the sales charts, and help make my work more attractive to those who would potentially commission me for remix work in the future. Thanks everyone!

NOVEMBER 13, 2008

Well, it finally happened! My first remixes to get released by an official record label have finally been put out for sale! You can click here to preview samples of the tracks and/or purchase the single.

I'm very excited about this, not only because it's my first official release, but because I'm getting to work with such a terriffic artist! Be on the lookout for more Shpank remixes of Carol Hahn songs in the new year!

When you buy your single at Perfect Beat, please be sure to help me out by writing a positive review of my remixes on the site. Thank you!

NOVEMBER 8, 2008

Hello ladies and gentlemen! I hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween! I have a few updates on my work with Carol Hahn. What were going to be bonus tracks available only for digital download are now going to be included on the CD single! I'm very happy because I was routing for this from the get-go. Carol has also done her own remix of Come Be My Lover that will be included in the upcoming remix package. Don't miss this one, it's my favorite mix of the song so far! You'll all love it!

OCTOBER 16, 2008

There's going to be lots of fun stuff coming our way in October!

First and foremost, I'm very excited to announce that I've been working with the incredibly talented disco queen Carol Hahn! Carol is an amazingly talented singer with a powerful voice, and her songwriting skills are truly inspirational.

This past July, Carol released her first single in years, called "Reach Out". It was such a success that her record label, Harlequin Recording Group, decided to release a second edition with all new remixes!

The physical CD (available only at Perfect Beat) will include remixes by Josh Harris and myself, as well as a bonus track that I engineered entitled "Come Be My Lover". It should be available this month.

When the single is released for digital download (a few weeks later) there will be a few extra bonus tracks, including my "Pretty 'N' Pop" mix of Come Be My Lover, and DJ José Spinnin's remix of Reach Out. The digital downloads will be available at Perfect Beat, Beatport, and iTunes.

To learn more about Carol Hahn, or to hear her music, visit her website, or her MySpace page.

In other exciting news, I've also teamed up with Noho Pride Promotions to work with them on their Halloween Party, and hopefully many more events to come!

Noho Pride Promotions is run by two wonderful women who really put their hearts and souls into organizing terrific events for the Western Massachusetts GLBT community. Please show them your support by visiting their website often and staying informed on the fabulous events they put on. I hope to see you all at the Tea Dances, New Years Eve Extravaganza (we've got Suzanne Westenhoefer!), and especially at the Halloween Party!

For more information on the Halloween party, see my Upcoming Events page. To learn more about Noho Pride Promotions, click here.

AUGUST 14, 2008

Hey Everyone, I'm sorry I haven't updated lately. I've been busy working on new productions for FigJam Entertainment, a fabulous record label out of New York City. Just last week I wrapped up a remix for one of their artists, June Bug. It's a cover of the Abba song, "The Name Of The Game". The remix is very high energy, bouncey, and fun. You can look forward to hearing it on iTunes!

MAY 15, 2008

I've been honered to have the enormously talented VJ Tom Yaz re-editing music videos and syncing them up to my remixes. So far he's worked with two of my remixes- Diana Ross & the Supremes "Stop! In the Name of Love", and the B-52's "Funplex".

The Funplex video charted the very first day Tom posted it on YouTube. It was the 21st most watched video in Mexico. By it's second day online, it had over 2,000 views! I hope this is a sign of things to come...

You should definitely take some time to learm more about Tom Yaz at his website and at his MySpace page, where he posts tons of his brilliant video edits. You'll definitely have a good time there- his videos are not only creative and well done, but many of them are hysterical!

MAY 14, 2008

So much is going on right now!

One of my remixes of Nelson Clemente's "You Want Me Don't You" has been released for sale, both on a physical CD and on iTunes. Check it out!

APRIL 7, 2008

Just a reminder, if you'd like to read the article about me in the In Newsweekly, it's still available for viewing at their website! Click here to read it!