114. Mike Ross & The McKenna Clan
        "Mary Pat" (original song & production)
113. Christi Bauerlee
        "Let's Spend This
        New Year's Eve At Home"
112. Ace of Base
        "Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry"
        (Edge of Heaven Mix)
111. Mike (Shpanky) Ross
        & The Skeleton Crew
        "Monster Mash" (original production)
110. Anita Ward "Another Bad Mistake"
109. La Toya Jackson "Trouble"
108. DJ Shpank featuring
        Victoria Ladd & Erica Romeo
        "Walk Like An Egyptian"
        (original production)
107. Ace of Base "Don't Ever Say Goodbye"
106. Token White "Pussyland"
105. Erica Jacob "Run" (Big Room Club Stomper)
104. Erica Jacob "Run" (Edge of Heaven Mix)
103. Markus Riva feat. Ralph (Per)
         "We Dance 4 Reason"
         (feat. Tony B. Romeo on piano)
102. Gloria Gaynor "I Will Survive"
        (Pink Ribbon Mix)
101. Gloria Gaynor "I Will Survive"
100. Gloria Gaynor "I'm Faithful"
  99. Ranny feat. Deepa Soul "Feva"
  98. Robin S. "Show Me Love"
        (remixed with Ranny)
  97. Pepper MaShay "Danceflorr"
        (Edge of Heaven Mix)
  96. Pepper MaShay "Danceflorr"
        (Big Room Stomper Mix)
  95. Right Said Fred "Raise Your Hands"
        (Airplay Remix)
  94. Right Said Fred "Raise Your Hands"
        (Rocks the House Mix)
  93. DiSanto "Animal"
  92. Christina Aguilera "Your Body"
  91. Gloria Gaynor "All the Man That I Need"
  90. Right Said Fred "Sexaholic"
  89. Carol Hahn "Your Love"
  88. Carol Hahn "Do Your Best"
  87. Ace of Base "The Sign"
  86. La Faraone "Toyland"
  85. Ace of Base "All For You"
  84. Carol Hahn "Let Me Go"
  83. Róisín Murphy "Momma's Place"
  82. Sade Pendarvis "Voulez-Vous"
  81. Normund Gentle "Bitch Slap"
        (Rocks the House Mix)
  80. Normund Gentle "Bitch Slap"
        (Bounce House Mix)
  79. Ryan Jordan "For A Little While"
  78. Carol Hahn "Into the Night"
  77. Little Italy aka L.I. "Put On Some Music"
  76. RuPaul "Main Event" (Historic Event Mix)
  75. RuPaul "Main Event" (ElectroPop Mix)
  74. Ryan Jordan "People Change"
  73. Nelson Clemente "90 Days"
  72. Ace of Base "Don't Turn Around 2009"
  71. Ace of Base "Happy Nation 2009"
  70. Carol Hahn "I Can Stop the Rain"
        (Epic Squall Mix)
  69. Ace of Base "Wheel of Fortune 2009"
  68. Carol Hahn "Come Be My Lover"
        (Pretty 'N' Pop Mix)
  67. Carol Hahn "Reach Out"
  66. Mariah Carey "I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time"
  65. Katy Perry "I Kissed A Girl"
  64. June Bug "The Name Of The Game"
  63. Alicia Keys "No One" (Bounce House Mix)
  62. Danity Kane "Damaged"
  61. The B-52's "Funplex"
  60. DJ Shpank feat. G-Force "I'll Be Set"
  59. Jennifer Lopez "Do It Well"
  58. Whitney Houston "One Of Those Days"
        (2008 Anthem Mix)
  57. Alicia Keys "No One" (Latin Boogie Mix)
  56. Diana Ross & The Supremes
        "Stop! In The Name Of Love"
  55. Alicia Keys "No One" (Groove Mix)
  54. Joella "Where's The Love" (Club Mix)
  53. Joella "Where's The Love"
        (Bounce House Anthem)
  52. Britney Spears feat. Chris Crocker
        "Gimme More"
  51. Nelson Clemente "You Me Us We"
  50. Diego Garcia feat. Reinita "The Calling"
  49. Diana Ross & The Supremes
        "Someday We'll Be Together"
  48. DJ Mike Cruz feat. Bobby Coleman
  47. Pussy Tourette "Isn't It Yesterday"
  46. Pussy Tourette "My New Shoes"
  45. Pussy Tourette "French Bitch"
  44. Pussy Tourette "Happy Is The Drug"
  43. Nelson Clemente "You Want Me Don't You"
        (Bounce House Mix)
  42. Danny Elfman "This Is Halloween '06"
  41. Nelson Clemente "You Want Me Don't You"
        (Orchestral Dance Mix)
  40. Madonna "Frozen 2006"
  39. Nelly Furtado feat. Timbaland
  38. Shakira feat Wyclef Jean "Hips Don't Lie"
  37. Kelly Clarkson "Walk Away"
  36. Jason Walker "Reaching"
  35. Vanessa Valentin "Don't Go"
  34. Britney Spears "Early Mornin'"
  33. Whitney Houston "I'm Every Woman"
  32. Beastie Boys "Intergalactic Medley 2006"
  31. Black Eyed Peas "My Humps"
  30. Billie Ray Martin "Your Loving Arms 2006"
  29. Janis Joplin "Mercedez Benz"
  28. Kelly Clarkson "Behind These Hazel Eyes"
        (Bounce House Mix)
  27. Kelly Clarkson "Behind These Hazel Eyes"
        (Shpankdankerous Mix)
  26. Deborah Cox "Stupid Like U"
  25. Ace of Base
        "Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry 2004"
  24. Vanilla Ice "Ice Ice Baby 2004"
  23. Brian B. "Until You Love Me"
  22. Khia feat. Sweet Pussy Pauline
        & Wanda Sykes
        "My Neck, My Back (Lick It)"
  21. Double Exposure "10%"
  20. Brian B. "Lovin' What I See"
  19. Lil' Kim feat. Sisqo "How Many Licks"
  18. Mario "Let Me Love You"
  17. Alicia Keys "Karma"
  16. Aaliyah feat. Timbaland "Try Again"
  15. DJ Shpank "Stringy"
  14. Destiny's Child feat. T.I. & Lil' Wayne
  13. Marvin Gaye "Sexual Healing"
  12. Madonna "Deeper & Deeper 2004"
  11. Terror Squad feat. Mase, Eminem & Lil' John
        "Lean Back"
  10. Jazzy "Angel"
        (Shpankdankerous Uplifting Pop Mix)
    9. Jazzy "Angel"
        (Shpankdankerous NYC Anthem Mix)
    8. Danny Elfman "This Is Halloween"
    7. Bobby (Boris) Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers
        "Monster Mash 2004"
    6. Ace of Base "Lucky Love 2004"
    5. Amanda Rea "Your Love Is Not Mine Yet"
    4. Brandy & Monica "The Boy Is Mine 2004"
    3. Ace of Base "Cruel Summer 2004"
    2. J-Kwon "Tipsy"
    1. Whitney Houston "One Of Those Days"